Special Session on Resilient Planning and Operation of Multiple Energy Systems

In recent years, the increasing penetration level of renewable generation, combined heat and power (CHP) technology, and power to gas (P2G) devices in power systems is leading to significant changes in energy production and consumption patterns. As a result, a multiple energy system (MES) have aroused widespread concern for reasonable utilization of multiple energy resources and efficient accommodation of renewable energy sources. On the other hand, natural disasters and man-made attacks to actual power systems have imposed new challenges for enhancing the resilience.

Given the above background, this special session aims at addressing the challenges in resilient planning and operation of a MES to enhance the resilience, economics, efficiency, reliability and security of the whole network. We invite original submissions focusing on the theoretical, methodological and computational aspects of a MES to explore ways to strength power systems to withstand or recover from a wide range of natural disasters and man-made attacks.

The topics of interests include:

Submission Deadlines: according to the main conference

Special Session Organisers

Fushuan Wen                   Universiti Teknologi Brunei (Chair)
Swee Peng Ang               Universiti Teknologi Brunei
Md Abdus Salam             Universiti Teknologi Brunei
Junhua Zhao                    Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hongming Yang              Changsha University of Science and Technology, China